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Health is a number one priority, and if it isn’t already for you then it should be! There are so many fantastic leisure centres and sports facilities out there that cater for everyone and are just waiting for you to sign up to change your life. So why are there so many people who are choosing to stay at home and yet moan about being unhealthy or unfit? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

They cost too much

Although there are a lot of high-end leisure centres out there that do charge a lot, there is also a great deal of affordable centres too. Here at The Leisure Guide we are focused on finding you the most affordable leisure centre for your budget. You may have been looking at the major centres but many church halls and schools and colleges now offer gym memberships and/or classes for much more reasonable rates. The reason why you haven’t heard about them is because they do not have the funds that the top dogs have to advertise their services. So do not discount yourself from the healthy lifestyle you deserve before you have contacted us to find out what is in your area!

I don’t know where to start

That is simple, you start with us! All it takes is one click of a button on our website (well a few clicks). Simply enter your postcode and any keywords you want to search for e.g. swimming, Zumba, karate, gym etc. and a whole list of facilities will appear. You will be able to review each one and read independent reviews too. There will be price guides and timetables and we even have a handy comparison app to help you to discover which one is best for you! You can then either go ahead and contact the gym yourself or we can do that for you, just get in touch with our team and we will make the connection!

I bet nowhere caters to my interests

Do you really think that you are the only person in your city that is into robotic dance? Thousands of people share your interests and you don’t even know about it so put a search in our site and see what comes up. If nothing does then get in touch, we can tell you if anyone else has made the search and put you in touch. Or we can even help you to set up the first class of its kind in your area!

I don’t have the time

Of course you do! We all have a 30-minute break even if it is only every other day to do something that we love! We will help you to find a timetable suitable to you at a location convenient to you too.

I’m too shy or embarrassed to sign up

Then we will help you. Our team can contact the centre, sign you up and all you need to do is turn up for your free trial!

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They are healthy are you?

I was really struggling with my weight and I just didn’t know what to do. The Leisure Guide helped me to find the best leisure centre near me gave me all the information I needed to sign up!
Maggie Ace

The Leisure Guide is a great resource for anyone looking to get fit and healthy. I’m a doctor and I always recommend my patients to use their services to find what is more suitable for them.
Gregg Holmes

Me and my family all signed up to a great leisure centre that was set up for us by The Leisure Guide. They took into account our needs and wants and found us the best deal for our family.
Leanne Toogood

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